Backpacking Mt Whitney Basics June/ JULy/ August/ 2020

Whitney Backpacking Basics - 3 days

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Our course is designed for the beginner or novice hiker who wants to expand their hiking to the overnight experience. Explore Mt Whitney and the Sierra Nevada and learn the fine art of backpacking Mt Whitney from a professional instructor/guide. Where the emphasis is on going light, backcountry enjoyment with time spent relaxing and "getting away from it all" while learning the newest in backpacking techniques and equipment. Contact us for details, limited to 6-10 hikers. 


June / July / August 2020

Survival for Backpackers - 4 days

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An excellent survival course for preparation for backpacking Mt Whitney or hiking in the Sierra Nevada. We take you on a 4 day trek into the Golden Trout Wilderness, to use the wilderness as your classroom. You'll learn backpacking basics, energy conservations, traveling light, route finding, emergency shelter building, food & water gathering, edible plant identification. You will see how sleep warming without blankets or extra clothing using natural materials, learn fire building methods, all while traveling through spectacular basins and enjoying the scenery.  You will come away with confidence, knowledge and skills to protect yourself in outdoor survival situations. Come join us for a survival course for backpackers!